AI-driven BI to improve sales in logistics companies
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Engini provides IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solutions that can be used to build complex workflows and apps with no-code
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Amazon Go for gas stations
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Rapida is a Digital Inspection Platform using cutting-edge technology for measuring, predicting, and ensuring the structural health of infrastructure and utility assets
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Enhance the end-user’s experience with product based 360⁰ photo technologies for advertising, marketing, and operations, including visual damage monitoring of vehicles.
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Droxi is an AI-based Smart Inbox that streamlines non-frontal primary care, such as drug refill requests or lab results reviewing.
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Just imagine how solor colored world will look like
3E sustainable energy
Smart Troubleshooting Software for Manufacturing Teams
Industry 4.0
A spectral fetal pH sensor to ensure fetal wellbeing and prevent unnecessary cesarean sections
Digital health
Belle AI
BelleAI solves the problem of online clothing fit but creating the first ever standard user profile for e-commerce websites
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Seatback is creating a solution to help people detect early and cope with MSK
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Calodar provides accurate estimations of food weight, calories & nutritional values by utilizing state-of-the-art AI on raw data from mobile phone sensors.
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Sowillo is developing easy-to-install, an active solution to recover lost heat from the sewage that works with existing water heating systems (or could be as the main system) to increase energy efficiency in a building/laundry while dramatically reducing energy costs on water heating.
3e sustainable energy
Darimpo is an innovative system for the management of buildings, integrated into an app for tenants. The system upgrades the conduct of 4 branches: The maintenance company – an efficient and easily operated back office Its field person – an app providing notifications of malfunctions and updates on their status Professionals – an app for streamlining operations and quick response The tenants – an app for easy and quick reporting of malfunctions and hazards The back-office system displays the company's work process: New malfunctions received in the system A schedule – malfunctions that are currently being processed, malfunctions whose date of performance has elapsed, The purpose of the page is to provide a status report of the company's day-to-day operations Valuable and important information for performing smarter maintenance and planning, for the maintenance company and corresponding elements. Reports- A tab allowing the exporting of information about the history of malfunctions and processing, the performance of field persons and the conduct of tenants. Characterization of buildings- A page containing the information of all the buildings for which the company is responsible, according to floors, apartments, systems, and which also allows the assembly of an inspections schedule, for day-to-day preventive maintenance. Reviews- Opening a reviews procedure with timed notifications and attribution of tasks to the relevant branch. Tenants- An option for tenants to enter information into the system and receive information. A tenant can register through the app and all the information about him will appear on this page. Field Persons Control and monitoring of the company's employees – A personal card will be opened for each field person, who will work and be monitored through the app. Professionals- The professionals external to the company get an app of their own. They receive notifications only if these are relevant to their profession, and they ...
Industry 4.0
Todos Technologies
More than 40% of the fruits and vegetables for human consumption gets lost or wasted. Knowing exactly when they are ready removes waste and ensures that food stays fresh longer. We can do it with ethylene gas sensors. Traditional ethylene sensors are big and expensive and are not being used throughout the supply chain. Our breakthrough sensor is compact, low-cost, and cable-free. It helps to monitor fruit freshness throughout the supply chain and reduce food loss.
Industry 4.0
GearEye is a complete equipment management and tracking solution for on-the-go professionals. It prevents loss and misplacement of valuable items using RFID tags, a phone, and a handheld Gear Scanner.
Industry 4.0
Mirrori is developing a groundbreaking technology that makes personal beauty assistance accessible to everyone easily and using a single image only.
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AI-Powered Travel Freedom Innovative AI-based platform is revolutionizing travel by authenticating travelers and enabling them to explore any destination freely, regardless of their prior knowledge.
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