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Road2 is excited to present

THE 3E PROGRAM FOR Environment, Energy and Sustainable Economy

THE 3E PROGRAM FOR Environment, Energy and Sustainable Economy

Our industrial partners provided the challenges.
Now we need you to provide the solution.

Turn your idea into an innovative product with the help of our infrastructure, networking and financing.

Have a startup vision?

This is your chance!

Only 2 stages to register:

Stage I: Complete the form on the landing page

Stage II: Fill in the questionnaire or send a one-pager that presents your solution

Collaborating with Leading Partners

Our partners presented us with their most pressing challenges. Now we need you to develop the solution.
With our infrastructure, networking and financing.

What we offer


Business development, office space, mentors, beta sites, connection to key players and customers


Strong business ties with leading corporations, seasoned entrepreneurs, global investors and partners


Strong financial backing,
fund raising, investments
and financial advice

AI Lab

Access to state-of-the-art AI Lab
powered by Nvidia

AI Lab

Create a better future with your ideas and our capabilities


If you have a solution to one of these challenges, drop us a line.

Collaborating with Leading Partners

Our partners presented us with their most pressing challenges. Now we need you to develop the solution.
With our infrastructure, networking and financing.

Are you up for the challenge? This is your chance!


The program is 4 months.

We are seeking teams and startups, but individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship are also welcome to apply and we will group them into teams.

Stage 1: Application

  1. Register for our webinar to learn more about the program.
  2. Submit a one-page application.
  3. Send an initial presentation of your concept, including the challenge and proposed solution.

Stage 2: Selection

  1. The Selection Committee will conduct viability assessments and select 8 early-stage startups with high growth potential and inspiring concepts.
  2. Each selected startup will be paired with a professional mentor, to assist with the following stages. We pride ourselves on our mentorships that deliver core knowledge, necessary for early-stage startups.
  3. Work with your mentor to better define the business and technological roadmaps and start identifying the go-to-market.
  4. Participate in inspiration workshops.

Stage 3: Acceleration

  1. Opening event to kickstart the project
  2. 4-hour session for presenting each initiative with a detailed program and working plan that accommodates specific milestones and KPIs.
  3. Defining objectives and milestones together with the Road2 Program Manager and the team’s mentor.
  4. Evaluating investment profitability throughout the program according to its progress.
  5. Access to industry data, insights and AI labs.
  6. Beta site – Live trials for testing concepts and pilots
  7. What does the winning startup receive?
    At the end of the 4-month program, one winning team will be awarded benefits worth up to NIS 100,000 to further develop their startup.


Fill in the form here and submit a one-pager that describes your initiative.

The program is conducted in Haifa and in the Haifa Bay area.
Subject to the Covid-19 situation, some activities may take place online.

We’re interested in innovations that can be tested and validated over the program’s 4-month period, or a few additional months. However, early-stage ideas may also be submitted for evaluation.

Delivering solutions to critical challenges in the following fields:

  • Sustainable energy
  • Air quality
  • Environment-city-human interfaces
  • Sustainability
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Marine environment protection
  • Pollution treatment
  • Green development